Annoying Conversations to Avoid During the First Date

Veteran daters know that some conversations are complete turnoffs during a first date. Basically, you should hold a light-hearted conversation during a first date. However, when you are new to dating, there are conversations that you may hold without realizing that they are putting your date off.

Here are the most annoying conversations to avoid during the first date:

Anything to Do With An Ex

Regardless of the matter at hand, don’t talk about an ex during the first date. If you mention your ex when talking about something negative, your date will assume that you are a bitter victim. If you are talking about something positive, you will look like someone that is still pining when you mention an ex. If your date asks you about your ex, make your answer as precise and short as possible.

Good Old Days

Your date is a semi-stranger. Therefore, there can never be something like walking through your past with her. Generally, a first date should be light on your past. That’s because your date is mostly interested in knowing what you are currently up to. Thus, a conversation that goes to the old days, whether good or bad, doesn’t help. In fact, talking about the past glories will make your life seem less interesting.

Affluence Topics

This is tricky because hobbies reflect your income. But, when you spend too much time talking about a ski trip to an exotic place, you might show your date that you have sufficient money to fly to such places. To avoid being annoying, don’t talk about sex toys. Instead, talk about your experiences.

Pushing Agendas

Most men are generally polite during their first date. However, this can turn you into a hostage of your date. Politeness gives you a chance to unveil your political, religious, or social agenda. But, remember that saying you are interested in the rights of the state is one thing. However, pulling out the photo of a politician and ranting about their party is completely different. Basically, don’t show your obsession with anything or push your agenda aggressively during the date.

Your Job’s Details

You may tell your date what you do for a living but don’t go into details. People that are good at what they do tend to be detail oriented. Such people become proficient at getting into small elements of their jobs whenever they talk about it. To them, the job is simply fascinating. But, this is not the case for other people. Therefore, unless your date shows interest in knowing the details, spare her. A general outline of your job is enough.

Health Challenges

As stated, the first date should comprise of a light conversation. So, disclosing to your date that you have a cyst to be removed next month won’t make the conversation light. Similarly, talking about your chronic condition won’t help. Generally, avoid medical revelations during the first date. Instead, focus on finding out whether you can get into a relationship before you disclose your intimate secrets.

Basically, the first date can be scary. However, if you avoid these conversations, you will have a great experience during the date.

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